Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum II

Thank you for hosting this second Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce forum!

When asked about problem properties, I was able to give some background on the work we've started with staff on having clear, well-researched strategies for working with renters and owners and touched on the potential for utilizing receivership for the worst cases as has been done in the cities of Ukiah and Point Arena.

Due to the time limit, I was unable to talk about my HIGHEST PRIORITY for addressing our community's economic development: bringing SMART to Cloverdale, not just for the development the train will bring, but for the FIBER INTERNET BACKBONE that automatically comes with the train.

Fiber (1,000 Mbps) makes it possible to locate a 21st century business in our community, retain the businesses we have, and break down the digital divide in education--one of CUSD's biggest challenges. Fiber would immediately improve the level of service and resiliency in city services including at the Cloverdale Police Department and the Cloverdale Fire Protection District. With development, this lightning fast fiber connection would be available to Alexander Valley Healthcare and our community's other healthcare providers for telemedicine, and potentially provide true high speed internet to every home and business in Cloverdale.

When re-elected, I plan to apply for appointment to the SMART Board to continue to lobby for Cloverdale—but I can and should have help. The Board of Supervisors is currently discussing their participation in next year's boards. Contact Supervisor James Gore and encourage him to seek appointment to the SMART Board to help bring true high speed internet and SMART to his rural, underserved constituents and to the community of Cloverdale. If we all work together, we can get this done.



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