Speaking directly to Governor Newsom February 2020 about what
Cloverdale experienced during October 2019 PSPS events and local fires
and the need for grid reliability and community resiliency


In the past four years, Cloverdale has seen a combination of highs and lows, challenges and triumphs. I have sought to raise the level of debate, listen to the diverse voices and concerns of residents of all ages and backgrounds, foster community engagement, and be a responsive and compassionate leader. In the past year, new businesses have chosen to relocate or open here only to be met with the impacts of Covid-19 and now impending power outages, record temperatures, and wildfire smoke. Some long awaited development projects have been put on hold and others are moving forward to provide affordable homes for local families.

While mayor in 2019, we suffered torrential rains and flood damage early in the year, celebrated the opening of Porterfield Creek Open Space in the spring, and in the fall watched as the Kincade fire destroyed our neighbors' homes and livelihoods and threatened Healdsburg and Windsor while we endured the week-long PSPS and gas outage. When I had the opportunity at a League of California Cities Board meeting, I let Governor Newsom know about the devastating effects recent fires and PSPSs have had on local business and the wellbeing of our most vulnerable residents and the necessity of a dependable grid and investment in the resiliency of our local infrastructure.

My priorities have been and continue to be improving our streets and infrastructure that are barriers to development and safety, ensuring we have a safe and reliable water supply, and implementing effective strategies for climate resiliency and public safety. Regional involvement is key to making sure Cloverdale has the ability to address these local problems that can only truly be solved with regional solutions. In addition to serving you on council, I've also represented Cloverdale at:

  • Sonoma Clean Power, 2020 Vice Chair. Ensure that Cloverdale's needs are addressed concerning energy efficiency programs, outreach, and education and also help set the direction of lobbying for improving energy policy at the state level.
  • Russian River Watershed Association, 2019-2020 Chair. As chair, I attend quarterly meeting with RRWA and Regional Water Quality Board staff to discuss new regulations, upcoming projects that might effect our members, and continue to enjoy a relationship with the regional board that considers RRWA the model for addressing regional watershed issues. I also attend semi-monthly meetings of the Upper Russian River Managers that includes Supervisor Gore, Supervisor Brown of Mendocino County, staff from SonomaWater and RRWA, and Inland Mendocino Water for regular updates on flows from Lake Mendocino and other updates on the upper Russian River.
  • Sonoma County Transportation Authority/Regional Climate Protection Authority, 2019-2020 Measure M/DD Ad Hoc Committee. Not only do I advocate for Cloverdale projects including our Fare Free program, I advocate for making sure SMART to Cloverdale is included in regional work plans, and that our projects are fairly represented.
  • Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District, 2020 Chair. Serving since 2017, I've supported the air district's diesel tractor replacement program, partnerships with Sonoma Clean Power for clean air vehicle and charger incentives, and was instrumental in launching an initiative with with the Sonoma County EDB to explore supporting entrepreneurs who want to address the woodland waste crisis with a biofuels projects or other business that would create a market for wood waste and vineyard waste.
  • ZeroWaste Sonoma, 2017-2018. Instrumental in hiring of new executive director who is a leader in the industry, worked on final contract with Recology, supported bringing composting back to Sonoma County.
  • Sonoma County Mayors & Councilmembers Legislative Committee 2019-present. Advocate for Cloverdale with state legislators and their district representatives, discuss legislation and local matters of interest. At the start of Shelter In Place order, I had the opportunity to talk with Congressman Thompson, Senator McGuire, and Senator Dodd about the effects of the pandemic and SIP order on our local businesses trying apply for assistance and deal with the financial uncertainly of the crisis.
  • League of California Cities, Mayors & Councilmembers Division President, 2017-2018. Pushed for more online resources and for the League to upgrade their offerings and educational resources for the influx of millennial councilmembers (that they saw in 2018!) 
  • League of California Cities, Redwood Division President, 2019-2020. Create educational programs and briefings for councilmembers at division meetings including Cloverdale and the cities of Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte
  • League of California Cities, Executive Board, 2019-2020. While serving on the Executive Board of the League of Cities, I have been able to advocate for the needs of small rural cities like Cloverdale and the need for right-sized solutions to complex issues like housing, climate resiliency, transportation, and infrastructure
  • League of California Cities, Rural Cities Information Exchange Liaison to Executive Board, 2019-2020
  • League of California Cities, Governance, Transparency & Labor Relations policy committee, 2018-present

Key council accomplishments include:

  • Worked on Cannabis Ordinance and supported priority spending on public safety equipment
  • Prioritized street repairs and the undergrounding of utilities on Second Street leading to City Park
  • Community Resiliency and Emergency Planning
  • Supported police budget to upgrade vehicles and implement body cameras
  • Updated city hall information systems, backup power, and increased transparency through public data dashboards
  • Pushed for stronger social media presence and communications
  • Supported the Chamber of Commerce and Experience Cloverdale initiative
  • Served on subcommittees including Public Works, Airport, Planning & Community Development
  • Assisted at the EOC during the Tubbs fire in 2017
  • 2019-present serve on Finance, Administration, and Police subcommittee where much of the work on the budget, bonds, cannabis income, capital equipment, economic outlook and police policies is done
  • Supported the Cherry Creek housing project
  • Fare-free Cloverdale Shuttle
  • Served on interview panel for current police chief
  • Served on interview panel for current city manager
  • Support updates to zoning to attract new development
  • Facilitated partnerships by meeting with County staff and members of Clean River Alliance so they can better work together to address trash pick up
  • Facilitated partnership for Red Door Remedies to underwrite disposal costs for Clean River Alliance

As 2019 mayor:

  • Sought to be inclusive and welcoming to all members of the community at meetings and community events
  • Set a professional and respectful tone in meetings with the public, city staff, and fellow councilmembers by adhering Roberts Rules of Order
  • Engaged with Supervisor Gore's District 4 homeless taskforce including mayors, councilmembers, and staff from Cloverdale, Healdsburg, and Windsor
  • Served at the EOC during Kincade fire and PSPS and coordinated with service organizations and EOC staff as-needed
  • Served on the Finance, Administration, and Police subcommittee and chaired Airport subcommittee
  • Saw the completion of improvements to Rockydale Lane
  • Opened Porterfield Creek Open Space

This is just a partial list of what I've been working on for Cloverdale. If you have any questions, I'd love to talk with you! Please contact me to schedule a phone appointment or have a virtual meeting with your service club or community group.