Amidst the pandemic, we still need to

  • Address our desperate need for housing, transportation, and infrastructure improvements
  • Protect our natural resources and water supply
  • Work with the County and local service providers to address the shelterless and mental health crisis
  • Address the escalating pension crisis
  • Continue to set the right priorities and produce a balanced budget
  • Continue community resiliency and individual emergency preparedness
  • Adapt city government outreach and engagement¬†with our residents during the pandemic

2020-2024 Goals

  • Engage Cloverdale's young people in local government so they become life-long engaged citizens and apply for appointments and run for office
  • Gain appointment to the SMART board to ensure forward momentum to bring SMART to Cloverdale
  • Continue to represent Cloverdale on regional boards to bring our fair share of resources to Cloverdale and address complex regional issues including the shelterless and mental health crisis, our watershed, grid reliability, transportation, and climate resiliency
  • Continue my work with the Rural Information Exchange at the League of California Cities as well as my leadership roles with the Mayors & Councilmembers Division, Governance, Transparency & Labor Relations policy committee, and other leadership and educational opportunities with the League
  • Apply my experience as a knowledge worker and small business owner to Cloverdale's post-Covid economic recovery
  • Solve barriers to development and new business by taking on un-sexy issues including long-neglected infrastructure projects like new wells, wastewater treatment improvements, neglected neighborhood streets, and outdated sections of Cloverdale Blvd. so the next generation can live here, work here, and thrive
  • Ensure every resident has access to nearby parks and work to open new area parks, outdoor amenities, and open space
  • Apply my technology and council experience to make sound policy decisions, adapt city services for our changing work environment, and continue to lobby for downtown Wi-Fi
  • Engage in productive, positive, community debate to ensure a bright future for all our residents and the next generation
  • Continue to set the right priorities and maintain a balanced budget while building our emergency fund
  • Continue to support and maintain good relationships with our professional city staff and make sure they want to continue working in Cloverdale for years to come
  • Be accessible, responsive, and and excited to work for Cloverdale as new challenges and opportunities arise!

This is just a short summary of my goals for the next four years. Contact me with your ideas and aspirations for Cloverdale!